Organizer: China National Export Commodities Packaging Research Institute

Service Center

Main functions of Packaging Center include five aspects: Firstly, management of accessing  conditions of  technologies which export markets,  draw up << Export Commodities Packaging Technology Guide >> and responsible for maintaining and updating; Secondly, organize the relevant works of technical appraisal, service and consulting; Thirdly, extract “Index of key projects against foreign technical barriers”, establish export commodities competitiveness monitoring system; Fourthly, in charge of linking up the technical standards and certification system which export markets required; fifthly, cooperate in drawing up and promoting national technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedure. 
In order to effectively serve packaging industry and export enterprises, Packaging Center declared and assumed the torch plan--<< Integration Platform of Export commodities packaging and the environment Science and technology service >> (for short: Platform, in following) from Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China at 2012. Platform is served for the scientific and technological progress and innovation of the whole society. Platform will combine the information resources of Packaging and the environment with technology research and development achievements to integrate with national, regional and industrial innovation elements. This is as a network bridge to provide sources sharing and services for export enterprises and packaging enterprises in China. It would be effectively improve the efficiency and effectiveness of enterprises innovation activities.
The Primary sector of Platform includes four parts: Science and technology service  of Packaging and the environment, Green Packaging Research and Development Service, Export commodities packaging technology services, and Database. The secondary sector includes: Standardization Service, Scientific research service, International cooperation and communication with enterprises services which under Science and technology service  of Packaging and the environment part; Green Packaging Material, Green Packaging Design, Guidance of waste disposal and recycling and research and development of packaging under Green Packaging Research and development Service part; Technical Trade Measures, Technical communication and training, Test and Technical Consultation, under Export commodities packaging technology service part; Laws and Regulations database, standards database, experts database and enterprises database under Database part.

Establishment and operation of the platform will effectively promote Packaging industry science and technology progress and level of independent innovation and abilities of China, to bring Packaging industry in line with international practice. Thereby reducing and avoiding disorder and loss brought from enterprises participate in international competition due to the WTO rules, technical trade barriers and antidumping. To promote abilities of packaging products and packaging industry when they participating in international competition and promote the foreign trade.